110 x Tamper Proof Warranty Void Stickers Security Tamper Evident Barcode Labels

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Tamper Evident Void Labels
Tamper proof stickers with unique barcodes & serial numbers


Top quality self-adhesive silver/white 20x40mm tamper proof security seals
with unique serial number and barcode for TOTAL SECURITY.

These tamper evident asset labels have unique barcodes readable by
scanner or any smartphone barcode reader app.

Each label comes with a secondary 20x10mm silver
tamper evident void label with matching serial number.

The secondary label is ideal for protecting products that have additional parts
such as a charger or battery pack etc, or for keeping your own records.


Safeguard your business interests with this professional quality tamper-evident
double security sticker to eliminate fraudulent or otherwise ineligible warranty claims.

Unique serial number and barcode enables secure asset management, tracking and
datalogging of products, repairs, calibration etc and verifies genuine warranty claims.

'Code39' type barcode readable by any standard barcode scanner or smartphone.

Suitable for smooth or very lightly textured surfaces.

Ideal size for covering access points or enclosures etc.

Attempted removal exposes the hidden 'VOID' message and permanently damages the label, thereby leaving clear evidence of tampering.



  • 20x45mm & 20x10mm reflective P.E.T asset labels
  • Tamper evident void material
  • Unique barcode and serial number
  • Super Fine print quality


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